Beautiful HEARTS ON FIRE Diamonds

Come to E.R. Sawyer Jewelers for our exciting selection of HEARTS ON FIRE jewelry. These are a special class of diamonds, unique and brilliant. HEARTS ON FIRE diamonds are cut using special, proprietary techniques and equipment, and are only formed from the most elite selection of the world’s raw diamonds. They possess a rare and beautiful cut that allows their beauty to surpass that of other diamonds. Whether you want a truly special wedding band or engagement ring, or another piece of diamond jewelry, HEARTS ON FIRE is a choice that you’ll love whenever you see it, for years and years. It’s truly an investment in beauty for the future.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

Our bracelets and necklaces make stunning gifts, and we encourage you to come see our selection in person, because that’s where you’ll get the best idea of how the pieces look in real life. Better yet, bring the gift recipient in so they can see which piece of fine jewelry lights up a room for them. We have a lot of exciting pieces in stock from HEARTS ON FIRE, from show-stopper engagement rings to refined and elegant bracelets that will delight any wearer. And who doesn’t want a beautiful diamond necklace to wear every day, as a statement of sophistication and elegance? Let our friendly and knowledgeable associates show you around our collection, or browse our website and get an idea of the exciting choices available to you.

The HEARTS ON FIRE diamonds we stock are dazzling, and they are only a portion of our beautiful collection. At E.R. Sawyer, you can expect excellent customer service and premium-quality fine jewelry. We also provide appraisal services, by a Certified Gemologist Appraiser of the American Gem Society. Additionally we can repair jewelry for you, should you have a damaged piece in need of help. From simple ring resizing, to restoration, to jewelry design, we do it all.

Get in Touch

For over 140 years, the Van Dyke Family has served the jewelry needs of Sonoma County. So when you need assistance selecting a one-of-a kind engagement ring, repairing a family heirloom, or choosing a new time piece, turn to the experienced E.R. Sawyer Jewelers team for help.

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