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My wedding ring had become fatigued and started to come apart. Brought my ring in and talked to the lady’s at ER Sawyer where they advised me on my options to have my ring repaired. I decided to also have my ring re-sized. They were very helpful and polite and my ring was repaired very quickly. It’s hasn’t looked this good in a long time. I would highly recommend using them.
Chris S. April 14, 2024
So 2 days before I was supposed to leave for Maui I decided to clean my engagement and wedding bands and some other jewelry before we left. Unfortunately after cleaning them in a ultrasonic I noticed that one of the smaller diamonds on the side of the ring had dislodged! I called up E.R. Sawyer Jewelers and asked if they would be able to reset the diamond before my trip. Initially the girl I had spoken with said they were about a week out for projects but she said she would ask the goldsmith. He was not only able to do it the same day but had it done in a couple of hours! My ring looks amazing and brand new! They even steam cleaned my wedding band while I waited to pick up the engagement ring! I highly recommend them, their staff is courteous and professional and they are super accommodating!
Kim A. Cotati, CA August 3, 2013
This place lives up to the reviews, I was very impressed. Because of my work schedule I didn’t have much time to shop for my wife’s birthday, and I wanted to get her a locket engraved with a B and a picture of our son inside. I fully expected not to get it in time for her birthday, due to my lack of planning. I believe I worked with Alfredo, although I am terrible with names, and they where able to get a locket, engrave it, put the pictures in for me, help me pick out a chain, and wrap it up within one day! And it came in well under my projected budget. I was very happy with ER Sawyer, and will definitely return.
Seth B. Santa Rosa, CA July 14, 2015
They tell you what they will do with your jewelry repairs and then they just do it. this is a rarity in the jewelry biz as i’ve been burned before.  not these guys.  they can be trusted.
Lorenzo L. Santa Rosa, CA June 27, 2012
I needed to get my great grandmother’s engagement ring sized to fit me. I should preface this by saying that I was incredibly nervous for anyone to mess with this ring because of how old it is and how important it is to me. I saw glowing reviews for ER Sawyer so called and the woman on the phone said they could have it back to me before Christmas (a three day turnaround) and that depending on the ring, it would cost $60-80. I showed up on Wednesday morning and Richie helped me- he was so nice and helpful- quoted me within the cost I was told over the phone and he also showed me my ring up close and talked about its qualities. They said my ring would be ready by 12pm on Christmas Eve and the call came a day early! I went by and the ring was still a little big (thanks, mom, for the honey fingers) and the owner came over and looked at it with us. He said they would have it ready by that night or the next day which was fine since I wasn’t expecting it till then anyway. My ring was ready the next morning. Merry Christmas to me because not only did it fit perfect but they “shanked” it for me because it had been wearing down under the finger. They had mentioned I may want to do that but it would be a little pricey. They just did it because I had to come back and they wanted the job done perfectly. This shop went above and beyond my expectations for sure and they were all incredibly kind. My fiancé will need his sized too and we are definitely going back.
Caitlin H. Oakland, CA December 25, 2016
I recently moved to Santa Rosa and needed to find a good jeweler as I wanted to have my bands soldered together with my engagement ring because they kept moving. I called a few places then decided on ER after chatting with Casey. She was very friendly and easy to work with and the best part is they turned the project around in only 4 days. Most places were over a week. My ring was returned perfectly and so much more sparkly than it was.
Bethany J. Santa Rosa, CA June 3, 2014
E.R. Sawyers is the BEST!!! My love and I had our rings done for our wedding (and my engagement ring) there. Doing and Ame are fantastic! Nate, he is a real gem Our special day was a Christmas dinner surprise and the team did everything in their power to help us keep the secret! The expedited our rings, spent countless hours on prep AND Ame even dressed me up in beautiful earrings, a bracket and a right hand ring to wear for the big day! Talk about feeling like a superstar. When we went in today to thank them for ALL of their hard work and letting us barrow the jewels (and trusting us with them!! There’s not many places that would do that, ever. That’s family owned!) they were just as happy for us as we were to be married! If I needed any swaying at all for a place I’d buy my Jewelry
Jess P. Healdsburg, CA December 26, 2012
I had a watch restored for my husband for our 10 year anniversary, and the folks at E.R. Sawyer were great! They made sure I had the watch back in time for the big day, and that it was cleaned, working perfectly and beautifully engraved. I also had a ring sized there recently, and they did a great job.
Tina C. Petaluma, CA October 25, 2011
The Valley Fire in Lake County on September 12th, 2015 was an awful experience for so many people including my family. We thought we’d lost everything. The day we sifted our home we found my grandmothers wedding ring, inside a ring box that was inside another box. More than likely the only reason is survived. It looked like it had been to hell and back. I had no reason to believe it would ever been worn again until Doug and his amazing team took charge. I will post a photo of before and after. The photo will speak volumes. Thank you E.R Sawyer Jewelers for being THE place to take my grandmother ring. You are my jewelry from now on.
Tina C. Santa Rosa, CA November 24, 2015
Love them!! Selection is great. Personnel is helpful courteous and kind, repairs are quick and easy. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for jewelry.
Lee B. Santa Rosa, CA November 29, 2016

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