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I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I just got engaged on xmas and came in to have my ring changed a bit and sized, I had no idea about what size or what look but Leslie the lady who helped me made me feel SO comfortable and at ease I wont go anywhere else now. THANKS!
Christine S. December 4, 2023
The fiance and I decided to check this place out based on a recommendation by some close friends who had just bought the guy’s wedding band here. since we were up that way we wanted to see what they’re talking about since at some point we need to get His band walked in one Saturday afternoon and they looked busy, good sign. the place looked nice and inviting, not too many sales people, phew. with lots of good lighting. we were greeted instantly by Judy who inquired about our visit and took us to the guys wedding band section… she was very helpful and listened to everything we had to say to help us figure out what we did/didn’t like. never at any point did we feel pressured to buy; i’m sure it helped we mentioned we hadn’t looked at wedding bands yet at all, but still it was appreciated. we learned a wealth of knowledge during our visit about the different metals, finishes, widths, etc. to wedding bands. Judy was so helpful and informative, we spent damn near an hour in there looking at bands…naturally i was curious about a band for me! so i tried some on too his/her rings were a bit more expensive then what i expected (this coming from the girl who’d only looked at Costco and ShaneCo, lol) …also HIS exact ring isn’t available to try, we have to order it so it’s a gamble to order. overall a great experience, no wonder my friends got the guys ring here!!
Sara W. Livermore, CA September 27, 2012
Starla was amazing! She helped my fiance and I pick out rings, and got them to us way before our ceremony! Highly recommend this company. Her attention to detail is great, and the follow through on the promises is beyond amazing! I will definitely send people here, and will come back in the future.
Anthony A. Sebastopol, CA March 9, 2015
I recently moved to Santa Rosa and needed to find a good jeweler as I wanted to have my bands soldered together with my engagement ring because they kept moving. I called a few places then decided on ER after chatting with Casey. She was very friendly and easy to work with and the best part is they turned the project around in only 4 days. Most places were over a week. My ring was returned perfectly and so much more sparkly than it was.
Bethany J. Santa Rosa, CA June 3, 2014
This place lives up to the reviews, I was very impressed. Because of my work schedule I didn’t have much time to shop for my wife’s birthday, and I wanted to get her a locket engraved with a B and a picture of our son inside. I fully expected not to get it in time for her birthday, due to my lack of planning. I believe I worked with Alfredo, although I am terrible with names, and they where able to get a locket, engrave it, put the pictures in for me, help me pick out a chain, and wrap it up within one day! And it came in well under my projected budget. I was very happy with ER Sawyer, and will definitely return.
Seth B. Santa Rosa, CA July 14, 2015
I recently got married and I had my wedding band custom made here. Morgan helped me through every step of the way. Very easy and quick process. Morgan is Professional and very quick at answering my questions. Very pleased with the way my wedding band came out. The diamonds are so sparkly. I would definitely recommend ER Sawyers for any jewelry needs.
Rosa December 4, 2023
My wedding ring needed to be resized. I did some research and found ER Sawyer is the only jeweler in town that is part of the American Gem Society. My husband and I didn’t feel comfortable to leave it with just ANY jeweler (especially since my husband put in quite a bit of money for it). It gave me confidence that I was giving my ring to a jeweler that adheres to an ethical standard and that I know they will do the work right. Judy was very helpful. After she measured current ring size and put in the work order, she took the time to answer all my questions and show me some pieces they offer. It also gave me a chance to get to know and see for myself why the other yelpers gave this place positive reviews. I had a pleasant experience just to even browse around this store and not feel pushed to buy. I received the ring about a week and a half later. The ring fits beautifully and looks perfect! I’m happy I can start wearing it again. I would definitely come here again in the future. (Maybe I’ll convince my husband to get my engagement ring re-set here for our wedding anniversary… wink wink).
M J. Santa Rosa, CA May 21, 2011
I was looking for a jeweler that would be able to size a family heirloom ring. We have been to a few places but were discouraged for one reason or another. We found ER Sawyer and received an immediate response, we brought the ring in, explained what we would like to have done and crossed our fingers. Not only were they absolutely amazing with the process but even cleaned my other engagement ring while we were waiting... just because!! The resizing was not only fast but the ring looks AMAZING! I cannot express enough my gratitude for the amazing job they did... but just the stellar customer service that is off the charts amazing! If you want EXCELLENT service and unbeatable craftsmanship... please call Leslie at ER Sawyer, she will make you feel like a celebrity!
Shannan J. December 4, 2023
My fiance and I visited ER Sawyer to search for my engagement ring at my friend Lorelei’s recommendation. Judy worked with us to find exactly the ring styling and stone to meet our criteria – she listened to our wants and kept within our budget -my ring is beautiful and unique! We were so impressed with the professional and courteous service which Judy provided that we returned to Sawyer for both wedding bands – And again Judy assisted to find designs with which we are so pleased. When I had to get my engagement ring resized Judy assisted me to determine the correct sizing and even got the ring completed ahead of estimate. I returned to Judy for accessory pieces to complement my bridal dress. Judy introduced  me to the freshwater pearl designs from Honora. I selected a set of stack bracelets which looked beautiful with my dress! Have since purchased from Judy two Honora freshwater pearl necklaces – they pair with my stack bracelets and are a great look with any outfit. Sawyer’s is absolutely worth the drive from Castro Valley…we love the personal service which Judy provides and appreciate our time in wine country!
Lorie S. Castro Valley, CA November 25, 2012
I had a jeweler that designed both my engagement ring and my wedding ring. My husband reached out to him to get great quality diamonds. For this I appreciate him however for maintenance, repair and service that is not exactly the type of person that is easily attainable. Today I noticed a very big problem with my wedding ring as the prong on my diamond was completely pulled back. I had 3 loose stones of my 18 stones. I looked on Yelp to find a great jeweler and found ER Sawyer with all 5 star reviews. I have been referred to another one but not only were they opened later but they did not have as many reviews as ER Sawyer. When I called it was 30 minutes before they open and I called anyways, someone picked up the phone and spoke with me about what was going on with my ring. Not only was she polite but she told me to come on in before they even opened. I came in and was impressed at the service before I even got there. Hey took my ring and put it under a magnifying glass with a large digital screen so I could see what it was that they were talking about. I didn’t have to wonder or think that they were pulling my leg on anything because I could see it. She showed me what was wrong and what they were going to do to fix it and how I can better take care of it. Since I was there and I wear all my jewelry all the time I had some loose clasps on my other jewelry. I went ahead and dropped them off as well because they have three jewelers on site they are able to get everything done for my ring and other stuff today. That’s great so I will have all my jewelry back for my 3 day weekend with my husband. I give them 5 stars and would refer them to anyone.
Tiffanie H. Santa Rosa, CA May 14, 2015

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