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Breathe Life Into Your Old Jewelry

Upcycle or Redesign Your Jewelry

Do you have inherited, vintage, or outdated jewelry sitting neglected in the back of your jewelry box? If you have jewelry with sentimental value that just isn’t your style, our team at E.R. Sawyer Jewelers can help you redesign and revive them into pieces you’ll truly want to wear and treasure for a lifetime!

We can upgrade your engagement ring, redesign wedding bands, convert a ring into a necklace, a necklace into a ring, and more!

Upcycle or redesign your jewelry and gemstones today and visit us in Santa Rosa or St. Helena.

Engagement & Wedding Ring Redesigns

Just a sample of repurposed engagement and wedding rings we’ve designed using our clients old diamonds, old rings, and old jewelry to help you see the potential hiding in your jewelry box.

Heirloom Jewelry Updates

We have helped hundreds of people repurpose and redesign heirloom jewelry that they have inherited, and just don’t wear. We will work with you to retain the sentimental value while creating a piece that suits your style.

We love to help our clients breathe new life into old treasures for themselves and future generations to enjoy.

The possession of inherited jewelry that is passed down through generations is so treasured that the responsibility to look after it and ‘do the right thing’ can sometimes be both overwhelming and a difficult decision to make. If the piece just isn't your style, too delicate to wear, or in need of repair - there are ways to turn that special heirloom jewelry that’s been gathering dust into a piece that you cherish daily, while preserving and honoring its history. Visit our 'What to do with Inherited Jewelry That You Don’t Wear' blog to learn more.

Jewelry Redesign Reviews

"I’ve been searching for 20 years to turn my parents wedding rings into one ring for me...Leslie worked with me to pinpoint my vision for the final product and it turned out perfect!" K. Glover
"I've been enjoying ER Sawyer many years for new purchases, redesigning, resizing, new designs for family heirlooms, appraisals, fixes& cleaning. Their service has always been excellent. They are very helpful and knowledgeable." J. Kelley

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For over 140 years, the Van Dyke Family has served the jewelry needs of Sonoma County. So when you need assistance selecting a one-of-a kind engagement ring, repairing a family heirloom, or choosing a new time piece, turn to the experienced E.R. Sawyer Jewelers team for help.

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