The Hearts on Fire Difference

Posted: February 9, 2016

Nothing says perfection like a Hearts on Fire diamond. These are the best of the best in diamonds, only a perfectly cut diamond can be called a Hearts on Fire diamond. A Hearts on Fire diamond is known to be the worlds most prestigious and perfect diamond – this diamond guarantees to be cut perfectly every time with no exceptions. A diamond that is cut poorly or cut improperly can look smaller than it is in reality. Hearts on Fire diamonds are cut correctly every single time no matter how big or small they are.

Hearts on Fire diamonds give off a round, beautiful shape that flaunts its true brilliance. This sincerely is the best and most popular cut of diamond which is why it's a staple for engagement rings and any other piece of jewelry. Amazingly, a Hearts on Fire diamond has 58 facets or cuts allowing light to pass through the diamond leaving a truly captivating sparkle.

Since Hearts on Fire began in 1996, less than one tenth of 1% of jewelry-quality diamonds suffice and become a Hearts on Fire diamond. There is a vigorous process for stones to meet the Hearts on Fire excellence standards. There are five categories that a Hearts on Fire diamond must pass before becoming the world’s most perfectly cut diamond; excellent proportions, an even smooth polish, a symmetrical cut, colorless or near colorless complexion, and a ideal stone clarity.

Another aspect that makes Hearts on Fire diamonds so immaculate is that diamond cutters use a 100x magnification for the inspection process and for the shaping and cutting of the stones. The diamond industry only requires a 10x magnification, yet Hearts on Fire diamonds go above and beyond the industry standards of 10 fold. Only 400 people in the world are certified to cut a Hearts on Fire diamond.

Shopping for a diamond should not be difficult. When you buy a Hearts on Fire you get the peace of mind that you have bought a diamond that will outperform and sparkle better than any other diamond. Hearts on Fire diamonds are nothing short of perfect. A diamond is a reflection of that special person in your life, they deserve nothing but the best, they deserve a Hearts on Fire perfectly cut diamond.

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